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A sofa that you will want to show to the world – our Byron 3-seat sofa has a true star quality about it. Thanks to its thorough tufting throughout the seat as well as the back of the sofa, it doesn't necessarily have to be pushed against a wall and will look fantastic as a centerpiece interior element. This elegant sofa is quite large but instead of looking bulky, it looks extremely inviting and comfortable. The glossy velvet fabric and the large backrest cushions invite you to be seated, and because of its ample size, it makes a fantastic guest bed. Not only does it have a large sleeping area but also built-in bedding storage. The black geometric metal legs nicely complement the overall style of this sofa and its color - the velvet upholstery is available in a range of luxurious jewel tones.


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sofa 3 seater with sleeping function in velvet fabric with storage box with...
1,559 € Price