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Lido 2-seat sofa has undeniable star quality — it has so much more than meets the eye. Perfect for small apartments, Lido is not only a cozy and beautiful mini sofa but it also has a bed function making this the ideal 2-in-1 for times when you need to have extra space for overnight guests. It will fit in nicely in a compact studio apartment or a small living room. Equally, you can put it into any extra space you may have at home where you need a sofa, and that doubles as a space for overnight guests. The smart hassle-free design showcases quality and good taste. Upholstered with two types of structural fabrics, you can choose an option that works for you — either a fine weave or thickly-woven fabric. In terms of colors, Lido is available in a range of smart colors that resemble earthy tones in their depth.


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sofa with bed function 2 seats

729 € Price