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The 3-seat Jasper sofa bed embodies Scandinavian minimalism fit for a modern home. Available with either velvet or structural fabric upholstery, the sofa sits beautifully on a set of raised wooden beech slanted legs in natural wood or black finish. The subtle single-row button-tufting on the seat and the backrest adds a lovely accent while the additional side pillows are not only attractive but also practical. The medium-width armrests are finished with a trim that accentuates the form and shape quite nicely. Thanks to its click-clack system, the sofa quickly and effortlessly can be turned into a comfortable bed for overnight guests. With a wide selection of modern colors, the Jasper 3-seat sofa is easy to incorporate into your current or new interior.


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sofa 3 seater with sleeping function with wooden legs

899 € Price