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A beautiful and versatile corner sofa bed, Opal has been designed to meet the requirements of modern individuals and families. Its generous size is perfect for cozy evenings at home, and its bed function allows you to quickly turn Opal into a comfortable bed for overnight guests. You don't have to worry about finding space for extra bedding since Opal has spacious built-in storage. Furthermore, sitting and lounging is made even more comfortable thanks to the movable backrests and headrests, as well as the additional lumbar cushions. The easy-clean velvet fabric upholstery is durable, practical, and also highly appealing — the beautiful velvet adds depth and looks stunning in a range of colors that you can choose from. To make the sofa stand out, it is supported by a set of delicate yet sturdy silver metal legs that create an almost floating effect.


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corner sofa with bed function and box 4 seats
2,299 € Price