10 Top Interior Design Trends for 2023


The beginning of the new year is a great time to plan changes in the design of your home. If you are thinking about a renovation or a small upgrade, be sure to check out the latest trends in interior design. You will gain a beautiful and fashionable environment, in which you yourself will feel changed and ready for new challenges.

Can interior design trends in 2023 surprise us with anything? As you'll see, there are some innovative elements, such as rounded furniture shapes and curved wall finishes that refresh our view of interiors. At the same time, favorite styles from previous seasons stay with us for another year. Let's try to find out what are the most interesting ideas for decorating in 2023? We hope you'll find something for you in the list below.


1. Rounded furniture shapes

In 2023, a fashionable interior cannot lack furniture with organic forms: round, oval, and referring to the natural world.

They are accompanied by soft lines and irregular forms. They can be seen in modernist, rounded sofas, chairs or soft lines of dressers. Unusual furniture is accompanied by original decors, vases, candlesticks, mirrors and spherical lighting. This also applies to table tops, coffee tables and even carpets. Such an arrangement creates an unusual atmosphere: cozy, muted, very friendly. Therefore, when thinking about changes in the house, look for example for chairs with rounded arms and backs. Just one such distinctive piece of furniture is enough to enjoy the most fashionable decor.

2. Wall straight from Instagram

A nice wall becomes an important part of your apartment's decor, which you can use for photos on Instagram or during online meetings. An original background will definitely make you stand out. Its look and what you arrange on it are up to you. Use wallpapers with patterns that attract attention - preferably abstract flowers and geometric patterns. A three-dimensional composition of slats or lamellas looks stylish, but requires a little more work. So does a bookcase with carefully arranged books and accessories. You can also create a gallery with your favorite graphics, a collection of decorative plates, mirrors or a plantation of potted plants. For more inspiration, check out... Instagram, where you'll find plenty of examples.

3. Close to nature

One of the ideas for an Instagram wall is a vertical garden, which makes the interior look really impressive. Such a natural composition creates an unusual atmosphere. It fits perfectly with the ecological trend, which is increasingly boldly making its way into collections. To create an eco interior, you need more than just lush green houseplants. Choose furniture and accessories sustainably produced from natural materials, or possibly recycled plastics. Among the most popular raw materials are stone, wood, rattan, wicker and wool. Items and finishes made of very light, raw-looking wood predominate. Natural dyes are used to color textiles. Local production is also appreciated.

4. Stylish workspace

An important topic for interior designers has become remote working, which often requires rearranging the design of the apartment. In shared spaces, it's worth considering such amenities as a screen, a partition wall, or a desk that retracts into a closet. On the other hand, lighter furniture with a universal design are best for work. Pieces that have less of an office feel, while still being pretty and practical. It's important to make them easy to fit into multifunctional spaces. If you have one room where you want to accommodate several activities, it's worthwhile for the work furniture not to stand out too much from the rest, to fit in with the overall style, and to provide comfort. 


5. Well-being

One of the trends continuing into 2023 that we’re exceptionally rooting for is an interior that allows you to achieve self-care, or well-being.

This is one of the best bedroom ideas, as it focuses on relaxation and brings solace to the senses. In an interior based on light colors, naturalness and softness, you will find peace and balance. Introduce harmonious elements into your bedroom: atmospheric lighting or pleasant textiles. You can also turn it into a meditation studio or create an intimate reading corner in it. Take inspiration from Japanese style or luxury spa hotels.

If you are still looking for your style and dreaming of major changes in your home, it will certainly be useful for you to know about the upcoming interior trends in 2023. The next year will not only be a continuation of well-known trends, but designers have some surprising proposals for you. 

6. Eclecticism

Eclecticism encourages you to experiment and personalize your interiors. You can create arrangements from furniture and accessories representing different trends. As a result, you get original and bold decor. Eclecticism escapes all standards and schemes, but this fun requires some knowledge of trends. Successful designs are based on the skillful juxtaposition of seemingly mismatched objects and colors.
If you enjoy a space decorated in the aesthetics of Hollywood glamour, break its elegance and richness with industrial, metal furniture. On the other hand, to warm up the elegance of glamour introduce candy pink and landmark pastels from the kawaii style. To add elegance and glamour to a minimalist room, use gold accents sparingly. This year, no one should be surprised by loft style with a touch of scandi, scandi with a Japanese flair, or boho accompanied by ethno or urban jungle. 

7. Minimalism

At the other extreme is a minimalism devoid of coolness. This pleasing impression is due to the combination of elegant furniture and thrifty accessories with warm colors, natural materials and rich textures. These elements ensure that even modestly furnished interiors will still be cozily inviting, rather than sterilely cold. An interesting feature of fashionable minimalism is its functionality. Many pieces of furniture have hidden storage, expandable sizes or modular design. These are ideal designs for small spaces.

8. Japanese inspiration

The japandi style, a combination of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics, is the comfortable side of minimalism - with thoughtful arrangements and no clutter. It's a good idea to dispense with unnecessary trinkets by choosing austere accessories, such as fine ceramics without ornamentation and natural grasses, which bring a subdued elegance. The japandi style is meant to be a cure for overstimulation, helping to calm the emotions.
If you prefer something distinctly optimistic, look out for kawaii style. With pastel colors and soft, charming interiors, it gives a fairy-tale impression. They are dominated by blue, pink, mint, orange. Furniture and decorations are usually made of organic materials. Their rounded shapes and textures add a lot of fantasy to the minimalist space. The whole creates a cozy, warm interior.

9. Decometrics

When arranging modern interiors seek inspiration from decometrics. The trend combines modernist elegance with art deco elements, with a splash of craftsmanship. This interior design is based on arched transitions and soft geometric shapes. The walls are characteristic - with painted or slatted arches. Pay attention to semicircular details, such as niches, corners, cabinet fronts and circular print patterns. Such interiors use unusual furniture with round shapes mentioned at the beginning.
An important role is played by colors, which give the interior a unique character. Light, creamy shades are combined with dim turquoises and greens. They are matched with browns, beiges, as well as brick red.
Decometry allows you to create interiors that are classy, but without unnecessary glamour, harmonious and very atmospheric. Their strength is decorative elements, such as jewel-like furniture handles, milled fronts, fancy legs.

10. Return to the 1970s.

In 2023, a fashionable interior is complemented with accessories in the style of the 70s. From the colors, choose warm shades of yellow, brown, maroon, muted green, muted pink. Opt for muted earth colors and psychedelic patterns. A strong accent are low-set leather sofas. Vintage furniture is part of the trend, which means it's worth renovating instead of throwing away. It's not just a matter of repairing damage, but creative ingenuity, which will give them a completely new look. Look for new mid-century modern style furniture with light silhouettes and angled legs.

With this plethora of aesthetic solutions, don't forget that comfort also counts at home. Add soft textiles to comfortable armchairs and sofas. Interior design in 2023 is meant to be inclusive. Arrange a space that will make spending time together more pleasant.