How to Arrange The Perfect Sofa Space For New Year’s Eve


Are you planning a New Year's Eve party at home? Wondering how to best accommodate your guests and have everyone enjoy the time? With us, you won't find culinary or fashion tips. Instead, we suggest how you can use your sofa and conveniently arrange other furniture to surprise your guests with a new space where you will glamorously welcome the New Year.

Spend New Year's Eve just the way you like it: with your family, your tried-and-true friends, or at a sparkling party at home. In addition to delicious refreshments and decorations, the right furniture arrangement will boost conversation, dancing and socializing. It will make your guests feel pleasantly relaxed and in a mood to party. Such a special night requires you to adjust the furniture layout to suit your plans for that special night. Whether you're throwing a movie marathon, a delicious dinner or a dance party, each of these ideas involves different furniture and requires a different setting. Considering the number of invited guests, decide where the party will take place. Most often we entertain in the living room, because it is the largest room in the house. It is usually close to the kitchen, which makes it easier to serve food. It also often has an exit to the terrace or balcony. A party on New Year's Eve requires reconciling two functions: fun and relaxation. That's why you need to create an area for dancing, talking and relaxing, and plan to set up a buffet with refreshments. Make sure you definitely have enough space in the living room to accommodate all the guests. You may need to make other rooms available as well.


How to set up a sofa at a dance party

If you're planning a party that involves dancing,
it's mainly the free space that counts – will allow
the dancers to freely express themselves.

That's why it's best if you move larger furniture such as a sofa, armchairs or table against the walls. For New Year's Eve, take out those pieces that will be unnecessary and may get in the way: coffee tables or footstools.

The number of seats for resting and relaxing is very important. Too many chairs and sofas will only clutter the space. It’s also obvious that not everyone will be sitting at the same time. Ideally, you should assume that 1/4 of your guests will want to do so at the same time. That is, with 20 people you need about 5 seats. In this case, a large sofa and two armchairs should suffice. They will be the perfect excuse for the dancers to catch their breath and talk to other people. It's also a good idea to have some folding chairs just in case. They are easy to move, so if someone wants to sit down for a chat, they can put them out for themselves.

Leave the center of the room free. This will give your guests space to move freely. As we mentioned, the sofa and armchairs should stand a little to the side, on the perimeter. But don't line them up in one place, because the room won't look harmonious. On the other hand, pointing all the seats toward the center of the living room will discourage smaller group discussions. It's best to set them up in small clusters to facilitate contact. If you have the option, divide the living room into four sections and place the seating more or less equally.

Near the sofa, set up handy tables on either side. Guests will be able to use them to place snack plates and drinks. Set up the buffet in a more secluded spot: on a console, dresser or table against the wall.

If you're not planning karaoke, think about taking the TV out of the room or simply turn it off so it won't distract or interfere with the fun. For safety's sake, don't block doors and passageways to other rooms with furniture. Before the party, hide fragile items such as china and glassware. If they are valuable to you, it would be a shame if they were damaged.


How to prepare the sofa for a movie marathon

New Year's Eve is also a good opportunity
to organize a movie marathon, such as
a review of the passing year’s best productions.

If you want to spend the night watching movies with friends, plan the space a little differently. Such an event requires extremely cozy conditions. Provide each guest with a very comfortable seating or semi-reclining place. During a movie New Year's Eve, your sofa will play a key role. Add armchairs to it and bring extra seating from other rooms, such as footstools, puffs or emergency pillows. The focal point is the screen, which needs to be clearly visible from all places, so the seats should be facing towards it.

It's best if you set the sofa separately, with a coffee table in front of it to hold snacks, drinks, as well as guests' plates and glasses. A pair of armchairs can be a second focal point. By them, a handy table will prove useful as well, so that guests don't have to keep getting up for refreshments.

Similarly, you can host a karaoke evening. A concert of favorite songs from the past twelve months will make for a fun night. Besides, it doesn’t require any additional arrangements.

Sofa during a New Year's Eve dinner

New Year's Eve dinner at home is one of the more elegant ways to say goodbye to the old year. It's a great option if you want a festive atmosphere, but don't want the hassle of going out on a winter night. You can prepare the meal yourself, ask your guests to bring their own dishes, but just as well order it from your favorite restaurant.

During the party, a table and comfortable chairs are key to boosting a good mood. You probably won't exhaust all topics at the table, so after the meal you and your guests will feel like talking in a less obliging setting: on the sofa in the living room. So arrange a comfortable space for casual conversation. Set up a sofa, preferably a corner one. Opposite it - two armchairs. And between them - a low table for drinks and snacks.

Think as well whether you have the conditions for guests to stay overnight with you. There probably won't be enough room for everyone, but it's worth helping someone in case of an emergency. In such situations, a sofa with a sleeping function and a set of bedding that you can quickly unfold comes in handy. A corner couch is even ideal.

Welcoming the New Year at home has several pros: familiar company, friendly atmosphere, doing what you like, coziness of home. Although it requires a lot of self-preparation, you know you won't be bored. Especially on New Year's Eve.