How to choose the perfect sofa for a movie night?


As late autumn and winter treat us to longer and colder evenings, very little encourages us to leave the house. Quite the opposite, you rather feel like wrapping yourself in a blanket and falling into a winter sleep. We suggest you take advantage of these circumstances and catch up on some movies or TV series in the good company of family or friends. This is a unique opportunity for cinema lovers to create a unique atmosphere of a home movie theater. How to prepare a movie night at home? What will you need for this? See for yourself.

First of all, choose a movie, TV channel or a streaming platform. Fancy a romantic comedy, a drama or a horror movie? With us you won't get bored, even during series marathons. Take care of drinks and snacks: traditional ones, such as popcorn or nachos, or healthier options: carrots with hummus or guacamole. Ideally, serve them on trays or in handy bowls. Bring blankets and extra pillows. Take the remote and spread out comfortably!

On what furniture? On the best movie-watching sofas, which you'll find at Micadoni brand!

Our sofas are basically made for spending time together and are unrivaled in the home theater. No matter the genre of the movie, a properly soft yet springy cinema sofa will allow you to assume the most comfortable position. It must be comfortable, as you will probably want to sink into the cozy seats. Other times you might fancy to read, gossip with friends, work on your home office or simply take a nap.


The best sofa for TV watching

First, pay attention to its softness and comfort.
A cozy, pliable couch that you can literally
sink into will be ideal for you if you are looking
for something softer.

However, if it will be used by elderly people who have trouble standing up, too soft may not be suitable. In such a case, it's worth looking for something firmer, or equip the couch with armrests to help with getting up. Pay attention to the appropriate height of the seat as well. The higher it is placed, the easier and more securely you can sit on it. If it's too low, less able-bodied household members may find it more difficult to sit down.

Among the best sofas for watching TV, corner and widescreen sets lead the way. They allow you to lie down in front of the screen, stretch your legs out comfortably, and rest your head against the headrest. A corner sofa is a good choice for a large family or when there is not enough space to add armchairs. It fits more people than if everyone were to sit separately. You also always have the option of adding one armchair to the free side. Corner sofas provide an optimal position in front of the TV. Both left- and right-sided options make it easy for everyone to see the screen from each place on the sofa. It’s also worth noting that it leaves enough space between its sides to set up a table or a pouf, where you can put a tray of snacks.

Starring – ergonomics

Pay attention to how the sofa fits the contours of your figure, as you will be spending many hours on it. The depth of the seat should be at least 60 cm, and the typical height should be 45 cm. When you sit down and lean back, your knees should be on its edge and your feet should be touching the floor.

While the backrest will support your back, shoulders and neck, your muscles should be relaxed. Tall people will find additional adjustable headrests useful. To improve your viewing comfort, add loose cushions that you can arrange in any way you like. The sides of the sofa should be softly padded and properly wide. They will be useful for placing a bowl of popcorn. In some sofas you can put a wooden shelf on the armrest, which provides better stability.

Upholstery fabrics

What upholstery materials are best to make a movie screening more enjoyable? The most pleasant are plush fabrics, i.e. velour, chenille or corduroy, which have a fine fleece. They are so cozy to the touch that they almost create a soothing effect for those more dramatic moments of the screening. Mamaia sofa with velvet upholstery, not only looks insane, but is eminently cozy. Structured fabrics can be recommended to fans of strong impressions, as they can surprise not only with pattern and color, but, above all, with their surprisingly nice surface.

The key is resistance to dirt and stains, especially from sweet drinks. If you have children then you know how a bunch of young viewers can often leave behind traces of juice, chips and cookies crumbs. In this case, avoid colors and materials that stain easily. Leather sofas are versatile stain-resistant furniture. Although usually more expensive, they have exceptional durability. They can be an investment for years or even generations. The plus side is their exceptional comfort, while the drawback is their cold surface, so bedspreads or blankets are a must.



If you are a person who likes to change
the seating arrangement frequently,
a modular sofa will be the best option.

You can pull the individual parts separately and adjust them to your needs and mood, and most importantly to the interior and the number of guests. A modular sofa gives plenty of space to comfortably stretch out and even lie down if necessary.

For small living rooms, a sofa bed is better suited - in case the binge-watching gets a little long and the guests get sleepy. It usually only takes a few quick moves to unfold it and turn it into a spacious bed. 


If you love home movie screenings, it's worth investing in a top-quality sofa. The best sofa for watching movies should have a solid hardwood frame. Metal or particle board will not be very durable. The sofa's seat must be filled with high-density foam and supported by elastic bands to prevent dents. The back cushions must have a firm filling that will help you avoid back pain when sitting for long periods of time. 

Extra seats

Poufs and footstools will work well with a small sofa, as an extension. In case of more guests, you can turn them into independent seats or a coffee table. Folding armchairs with integrated footrests are also useful. A simple folding mechanism makes it easy for the elderly or not fully able-bodied to independently set the optimal position for a nap or sitting.

Complementing the home audience can be sako bags. Thanks to their unique pear shape, they adjust to the shape of the body. They allow you to lean back comfortably and relax. They are hard-wearing and available in many colors, which can help to make your space stand out. You can easily move them around and hide them in storage if they are not needed. Their affordability is also not insignificant - a fraction of the cost of a new sofa. If you have a lot of space and don't need to limit yourself to compact, multifunctional furniture, think about a chaise longue. You can lie on it comfortably and take a nap while watching.

comfortable sofa is an exceptional piece of furniture at any time of the year, but you will especially appreciate it in autumn and winter. There is nothing better than coming home and spending time together with your loved ones on a cozy living room sofa.