If you are a professional within the design industry and would be interested in our B2B services, including discounts and access to our product branding, feel free to get in touch to discuss how we can provide stylish furniture pieces to your business and clients:

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At Micadoni we offer a B2B partnership, we are the perfect partner for companies looking to form a relationship with a fast-growing brand. We offer timeless furniture design, regular new collections and a large customer database, which you will have access to.

At Micadoni we design, manufacture and market a diverse range of innovative furniture items that suit the requirements of any interior style, we are present across Europe, so when considering a partnership with ourselves you won’t be limited to just one country.

We always use only the highest quality materials to manufacture our products, ensuring that they are a pleasure to own and use. For our B2B partners we are offering unique products that fit into a market niche in terms of quality and design to price ratio, full service, high-quality content, professional advice from experts. When partnering with us, you will receive access to high quality content, including product images and videos as well as brand videos and also professional advice from our experts.

Micadoni in Europe

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Take advantage of 3D models - and get special discounts!

The brand creates furniture that is characterized by a tasteful form, attention to detail and a high-class finish. Our wide range of colors, sizes and patterns as well as arrangement possibilities, allows you to create your perfect interior. Do you want to use MICADONI furniture in your projects? Get in touch with us today for attractive discounts and much more!


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