Micadoni Home Arkose headboard
Micadoni Home Arkose headboard
Micadoni Home Arkose headboard
Micadoni Home Arkose headboard
Micadoni Home Arkose headboard
Micadoni Home Arkose headboard
Micadoni Home Arkose headboard


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  • Height (cm) 120
  • Width (cm) 10
  • Length (cm) 140
  • Box/Storage? Yes/No No


  • Weight (kg) 23

Fabric infos:

Structured fabric with a clearly visible effect of interlacing threads. Braided from synthetic fibers. It imitates linen fabric. (Test Martindale 45 000, 350 g/m²)rn

Cleaning tips:

It is recommended to clean the entire sofa with a soft brush. Avoid strong friction or sudden vigorous movements. Do not use a vacuum cleaner. nnThe covers for the entire product range are not removable. Their removal and washing in a washing machine is at the customer’s own risk – this will not provide the grounds to initiate a complaint procedure. nnThe upholstery of the sofa, especially in light colours, is exposed to dyeing by other fabrics, mainly by clothing, such as denim jeans. This is not a defect of the upholstery, but a defect of the clothing fabric. The so-called peeling of the fabric is also caused by contact with foreign fibres (clothing or bedspreads).nnMetal and wooden parts should not be exposed to a long-lasting contact with water. If necessary, they should be wiped with a damp cloth, using neutral detergents (do not use bleach, soap for hard surfaces or ammonia-containing agents). Any residue from the cleaning agents should be wiped dry. nnTo clean wet or greasy stains, use tissue paper followed by a damp, soft sponge to quickly absorb the stain. Then you may proceed to the stain removal using a neutral cleaning agent and water. Clean dirty surfaces with gentle, circular movements from the outside to the inside, avoiding vigorous rubbing of wet fibres. After removing the stain, the fabric should be left to dry in room temperature. n Repeat if necessary, widening the area around the stained spot to reduce the circular effect. nnBefore cleaning, we recommend that you test the cleaning agent on a hidden part of the sofa to avoid damaging the fabric. To extend the life of the fabric, we recommend that you protect the surface from pets.


The upholstered Arkose headboard definitely improves your comfort in the bedroom. It is made of soft foam and covered with a fabric pleasant to the touch, making for an extremely comfortable backrest. Headboards are very useful especially at bedtime when you want to read or watch a movie, but also when you wake up if you like lazy mornings and breakfast in bed. This product stands out thanks to its impressive stitching forming an elegant pattern of protuberant rectangles. With a headboard, your bedroom becomes cozy and extremely comfortable, which improves your rest. Arkose perfectly captures the character of classical and modern styles. It fits all widths of our bedframes, so will find a match for it with ease. A wide range of colors will allow you to choose the headboard according to your preferences.

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  • hand-made details
    hand-made details
  • 2 years guarantee
    2 years guarantee
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    wood from legal source
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