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Fresh Sofa Color Trends to Revitalize Your Home in 2024

2 minutes read

The colors surrounding you at your home strongly reflect your style, personality, and the world you live in. It's high time to take a look at the latest color trends. Here's a rundown of the colors that have lately been talked about the most. The era of vibrancy is approaching, and many experts proclaim the end of the reign of neutral and cool colors. They predict an increase in the popularity of expressive shades with higher temperatures. After several years of hiding in a safe color scheme, we are ready to experiment again. We still draw inspiration mainly from nature, so we can expect a lot of earthy and warm colors. However, there will be no shortage of pink, rich dark accents and unexpected explosions of color. Perhaps 2023 will prove to be a breakthrough in this regard.

What living room colors are trending in 2023?

It is worth looking at the color pink, which brings peace and serenity. In the interiors, we will see its various incarnations: with the addition of purple or a dusty, bright shade. They are a great way to add brightness to a room, and at the same time they are elegant and sophisticated. That's why you should look there for living room color ideas this year.

Dusty pink

This warm, pinkish beige shade (Redend Point proposed by Sherwin Williams) works well as a warming color accent against cooler tones. Its minimalist overtones are calming and intriguing. The perception of this color very much depends on the lighting and accompanying colors, so it's hard to immediately determine its character. It’s an excellent color in medium tones and it matches perfectly with light yellow, ochre, and light blue. It’s worth using as a warm neutral color in any room of the house.

Dark ivy

You can use an ambiguous marine shade that combines bold blue and sophisticated green (Vining Ivy invented by Glidden Paint by PPG) to create a soothing mood. The blue exudes tranquility, while the dark green exudes balance. Together they create an extremely rich and fashionable color. In this day and age, when we strive for simplicity, this calm Vining Ivy perfectly emphasizes this mood. It is energizing, yet stabilizing and versatile - it fits literally any space.

What living room colors are the latest?

Among the latest color ideas for the living room in 2023, you will find two thrilling variations on the theme of pink.

Viva Magenta

It is the Pantone Institute's choice for the color of 2023. Present in the world of fashion and beauty, it has now reached home interiors. You're sure to find it in decorative items such as glass light fixtures, striking floral arrangements or abstract prints. It will suitably ring out in neutral surroundings and enliven the dining room, hallway and living room. Viva Magenta has plenty of drama in a small dose. You can also go a step further and choose furniture or wall color in this vivid pink. Bold designers are sure to reach for it and use its full potential in the form of a velvet sofa, chairs or beds.

Viva Magenta vibrates with verve and energy, and is conducive to joyful and optimistic celebrations. It is bold and fearless. It encourages experimentation and self-expression without limits. She is humorous and welcoming to all. She blends physical and virtual reality in our multidimensional world. She gives motivation to survive any crisis.

Raspberry blush

This cheerful coral shade with a touch of pink (Raspberry Blush invented by Benjamin Moore) is saturated, charismatic, and strong. It is meant to satisfy our longing for bold colors. It also initiates a turn toward new and unexpected colors, especially after several years of dominance of neutrals and muted ones. Raspberry pink encourages you to be creative and expressive. You can use it as a bright accent or you can boldly paint an entire room. Raspberry is perfect for a modern living room. Complement it with deep brown, ochre, or dark navy blue, and treat these combinations as stimulating inspiration for a colorful living room.


What is the best color for the living room in 2023?

We should still rely on them when decorating the main rooms in the house. They will work very well in the living room. Colors do not have to be neutral in a stereotypical way – limited to white, beige or gray. It is certainly worthwhile to abandon gray and pure white in 2023, in favor of warm neutrals, which we will further warm up with earthy accessories.

Blank canvas

It is best empathized by the Blank Canvas (from Behr), which is a warm white with a creamy yellow tint. It can accompany a neutral color palette (natural beiges and light browns) or combine with bright, bold colors to enliven the space. This cozy shade is a great option for the whole house. It will work especially well in a classic-style living room, as it is a classic itself! It can be used on walls, in trim and on sofas.

Wild beige

A warm, pale shade of yellow (Wild Wonder from the Dulux brand) works perfectly with many other colors. It resembles soft gold with hints of green. Inspired by ears of grain and grass seeds, it is closely related to nature. It’s meant to reflect the global turn to sustainability, the search for harmony and peace, a close connection with the environment, and stability in times of uncertainty. It will work well wherever there is a lack of coziness and light. The color does well both as a background, dominant, and accent color. Combining with other colors is facilitated by palettes from carefully selected complementary colors, both warm, deep, and joyful, energetic.

How do I make my living room look more expensive?

If you want an eminently elegant living room, go for colors associated with jewels and wealth. In addition to black, there are many shades that can bring a sense of depth and elegance to a room.

A great alternative is dark chocolate with hints of purple and anthracite. Earthy shades of purple, deep brown, jade green, brick red are becoming popular. They have the drama and strength of black, but give the impression of being fresh and multidimensional. Dark colors have a depth that you won't get from pastels or neutral colors. Gemstone shades create an elegant mood, even when paired with harsher colors such as orange. For example, juxtaposing eggplant purple with cream and green will give you an unexpected but still traditional combination.

Don't be afraid of bold colors in your living room in 2023. If you like a sofa with upholstery in a trendy shade - buy it. Think of colors to create your personal, completely unique place. There's no better way to refresh your home than to use invigorating colors. Then you will experience the extraordinary power of color even in the smallest spaces.


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