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The Ultimate Guide to Buy a perfect bed online

Is it possible to buy a bed online and be satisfied with your purchase? Of course! As with other online transactions, a lot has changed in recent times. Any concerns are now dispelled by the modern solutions of customer service as well as by additional benefits. A bed and a comfortable mattress is not only an investment in a peaceful sleep and a comfortable night, but also in our daytime well-being, quality of life and health. So think about what is most important to you - this will help narrow down your search and make your decision easier. We'd like to draw your attention to a few basic points you should consider, as you're buying a bed and mattress for years to come. Our short guide will take you through the most important steps and tell you what to pay special attention to. Until recently, we could not imagine remotely buying furniture, without touching the material, sitting down, opening and closing drawers, in short: without comparing items in person. If purchasing chairs in this way may seem trouble-free, the matter of the bed and mattress is no longer so simple. First of all, there is a considerable expense involved, which means that we need to be sure that we really like the products and that they are worth their price.

How to buy a bed in a store?

Most of us go to the store to get a bed
precisely to check for ourselves the size, height,
firmness and comfort of the mattress,
the quality and shade of the upholstery.

You know that ritual of testing each model on display in different positions? In that time you can ask the salesperson a number of questions and count on a helpful answer if the store specializes in beds and mattresses. In places which sell them as just an accessory it can be more difficult to access expert advice. Sometimes you can also try to negotiate the price on the spot. Despite all these conveniences, we still can't see the chosen bed in the bedroom before we buy it. Although, after all, the same is true of beds viewed in online stores.

Ordering a mattress online - a good idea?

We most often choose to buy online when we are too far away from a stationary salon or we lack the time to drive around the stores, as it usually doesn't end with one visit. Much also depends on our lifestyle and our online shopping experience. Sometimes we prefer to browse the offers of a dozen stores at our leisure at home rather than visit it in person.

In addition, online retailers are well aware of the risks you take when buying a bed and mattress online and do their best to minimize them. They offer various conveniences and additional benefits: free delivery, free return and exchange, extended time to test the bed at home and a solid warranty - all to encourage you to buy online. Within a set period of time, you can simply cancel if the mattress or bed proves uncomfortable or otherwise fails to meet your expectations. What’s more, you'll get the furniture straight to your home, sometimes even with delivery and assembly.

If the offer is attractive it’s often worth taking advantage of it and buying a mattress online. Shopping remotely entails practically the same questions as in a stationary store. Will the bed fit in the bedroom? What kind of mattress do you like: soft or firm? Will the shade of the upholstery match the curtains? It's important whether you want to buy just a mattress, or if you're also concerned with the bed base. Usually these are separate purchases, but it's worth buying them at the same time, preferably as a set, so you can expect a more favorable price and make sure that they will be compatible with each other.

Which bed is the most comfortable?

Comfort is the most important thing when choosing a new bed. You can't count on a healthy sleep in a bed that is too narrow and where can’t lie comfortably. Because even if you manage to fall asleep, you will sleep restlessly and wake up often. If you need more space at night because you sleep on your stomach and spread your arms out to the sides, then for a single bed choose a wider variant, even more than 1m. If you don’t sleep alone, it is essential to add enough space for a second person. A double bed should be at least 140 cm wide, while 160 cm allows two people to sleep comfortably, even if each has a slightly different sleeping style. As for length, most measure about 2 meters, so tall people should look for longer models so that their feet don't stick out over the edge. Height is also important. The higher the bed, the easier it is to get up from it, because you do it without bending your knees too much, without straining and having to hold on to something to get up.

How to choose a good mattress?

There is no comfortable bed without a comfortable mattress to support you throughout the night. Therefore, it must be perfectly matched to the dimensions of the base, so that it fits well and doesn’t stick out beyond the base or move during your sleep. Therefore, it is worth betting on the sets offered by manufacturers: a frame plus a dedicated mattress. You also need to pay attention to the level of firmness. Different manufacturers have their scales, which usually consist of three degrees: soft, medium, and firm. Most add intermediate values to this, so the scale grows to 5 or even 10 degrees. It's worth trusting manufacturers in this regard, as they care about making your choice as accurate as possible. In addition, many models have different degrees of firmness on both sides, so you can use them alternately, which also prolongs their life.

Remember that even a soft mattress should be hard enough so that you don't sink into it. The most important rule: the more you weigh, the firmer the mattress you should have. In addition, it is worth taking into account your favorite sleeping position. If you sleep on your side choose a rather soft one, on your stomach - a medium one, and for back sleepers - a hard one would be best. The most versatile and popular are, of course, medium-hard mattresses. It is also good to know what they’re made of. Mattresses with pocket springs are considered the most supportive during sleep and the most durable, however foam and latex as well as hybrid models are gaining popularity. Many of them have several different layers of foam or latex with different properties, making it possible to put as many as seven comfort zones that vary in support strength on one surface.

The Lorne mattress from the Micadoni collection is made of memory foam and combines modern design with advanced technology. Regardless of your favorite sleeping position or the chosen firmness, Lorne always preserves the natural curves of the spine. The sides of this model are made of velvet-like material, which gives it an aesthetic look. We have written in detail about how to select a perfect mattress here.

How to match the size of the bed to the room

You also need to consider what kind of bedroom space you have. Whether you buy in a store or online, it's best to measure the room and imagine your new bed in it. It's a good idea to help yourself by marking its outline on the floor, for example, using painter's paper tape. At this point, don't think about aesthetics, but about hard numbers: distances from walls, doors and other furniture. You absolutely must be able to walk freely, open and close cabinets. If the bed is to have drawers on the sides, check whether you will have room to pull them out fully and remove them; or is it better to buy a bed with a lift-up mattress? The size of the bed is also important insofar as we have to bring it into the apartment and then set it up in the room. That’s why you need to be sure that it will go through the door, fit on the stairs or into the elevator; while in the room - whether you can, for example, turn it over.

A bed with practical features


Very often you expect much more from a bed than just a good night’s sleep. Additional features such as storage and its accessibility also matter. In beds with a box-shaped base, there is a great deal of storage space under the mattress. The frame on which the mattress lies is lifted up together with it. In this way we have at our disposal a spacious storage area, where we can put many things not used on a daily basis (home textiles, winter clothes, blankets) and bedding. The elegant upholstered Sage bed from the Micadoni collection is equipped with such a practical function.

In contrast, models in the type of continental beds have spring mattresses built into their structure. Usually a protective mattress, known as a topper, still lies on top of them. In these beds, access to the box under the mattresses is a little different. In the case of a double bed, we lift each mattress separately: either from the side or from the front.

Another solution is a permanently placed base, under which we slide drawers, usually two on each side. The advantage is that we don't have to lift the mattress, but, as we mentioned earlier, space to slide them out should be provided. It is also worth considering how the box is reinforced and ventilated.

How to fit a headboard

A highly desirable and recommended
addition to your bed is a headrest, which can
serve several functions in your bedroom.

First, you can lean very comfortably against something soft instead of a cold wall. You will definitely use it while reading, watching, using your laptop or having Sunday breakfast in bed. Secondly, it protects the wall from getting dirty. This is a brilliant solution! A headboard also makes your bedroom cozy and pretty. Skillfully selected to match the style of the interior adds to its originality. We recommend sets in which the upholstery and design of the bed are the same as the headboard, so that we can be sure it has all the right proportions and will be perfectly matched in height and width. Headrests are available in different styles and materials, plain or quilted.

Regardless of the way you make your purchase, you should definitely read the reviews of previous customers, which you can find on discussion forums, comparison sites, and expert blogs. Look for unsponsored reviews. If they are independent and unbiased, they allow you to get a better idea of the product, its pros and cons, that is everything that lies beneath the impeccable marketing message. They also allow you to get a better look at the vendor in question and the quality of customer service they offer.